About The Show

BudgetBackpackerWorkingPosterBANNER I was 21 when I decided I wanted to pack up my life and travel. It didn’t matter where I started or where I ended up, I knew I needed to see, smell, taste,and live a life outside of my own. One minor problem, I was broke. Being broke had one advantage, it forced me to think differently than regular travelers in the sense that every euro, yen, pound, and peso spent, had to be stretched as far as my adventures were going to take me. I was not about to let a lack of monetary funds keep me from reaching my goal. Realizing that there are several amazing resources available at the local library, University, on the web, I began researching the best places to go, how to get there, and what to do when I got there. Maps, my backpack, and my favorite travel guide at my side I hit the trails and headed over to Western Europe. I spent 9 months drinking with the locals, shopping at the weekend farmers market, and riding the local trains to anywhere. I stayed at hostels, campsites, and couch-surfed. It was a trip of a lifetime and I never would have been able to convince myself it would happen without researching the best and most affordable options.

This show, Budget Backpacker, will help potential travelers, of all experience levels, learn the ins-and-Coverphotoouts, tips and tricks, deals and steals available to them to make any budget of traveling a possibility.

The world has so much to offer a young traveler from stunning scenic spots to local culinary masterpieces. Everything you could ever want is out there, things you never could have imagined you’d see or experience. You just have to want to experience it.